Yoga -- ashtanga and hatha yoga.

Through asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breath regulation) you will engage in a practice of yoga intended to create health and balance in the body, and provide preparation for deeper levels of yoga.

Yoga asana practice improves joint and vertebral/spinal health.  It helps free stuck energy and brings balance to our energy system increasing overall health of body and mind.  Benefits also include increased muscular strength, freedom and flexibility in movement, reduced stress, and greater body awareness.

Taught in the correct manner it is approachable for all, and good teaching should be flexible and tailored to each student’s needs. Yoga is for everyone.  The benefits of practicing yoga can change your life for the better.

Tantra yoga -- kriya and kundalini yoga practice focuses on the human energy system/channels of the body (nadis) via breath.  Through experience of the chakras (nerve plexuses) through hot/cold breathing the practitioner taps into the level of the emotions and the mind via the nervous system, and with proper practice one can achieve balance therein.

Meditation and Mindfulness --  meditation is a state of being that happens within us, and is not an activity that is only experienced in a formal sitting position, though it can be. Meditation can happen through both being and doing, and in the equipoise of both. Through specific techniques or “meditations” we can expand our awareness through the experience of the body, and come to the essence of what we are. The practice of meditation or the "techniques" used here are of a Tantric/Buddhist approach.

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