Tantra-yoga workshop for women

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Sunday, January 17, 2021, 16-18 EET/Helsinki Time-zone


Special workshop on yoga practice for women, focused on getting to know focused on getting to know shakti, the feminine energy that, according to the teachings of Tantra and Yoga, permeates all of existence. Shakti is especially powerful in women, for shakti is female, and is responsible for life, for growth and for awakening into all areas of womanhood. ¬†From reproduction and procreation, to creativity, and beyond shakti is a powerful force to be experienced and learned from, honoured and respected, protected, harnessed and channeled within ourselves so that we as women can bloom. ¬†Whether you are young or old, single or coupled, a mother or a mother in heart it’s never too late to discover the power that has been with you all along. Note: tantra is NOT a “get better sex” path, and any person or organization who portrays it as such is doing a disservice to this valuable and venerable tradition.

*It is through the encouragement of Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (scholar, Master, and one of the last lineage holders of the Indian Vajrayana secret oral tradition of yogis) that I am now offering Yoga for Women. Now in ONLINE class/workshop format. The techniques you will learn are from the oral tradition and teaching of practice not found in books. These teachings are from the lineage of Babaji. Through my own experience and practice of Tantra under the guidance of Babaji, I am now sharing these teachings to a larger audience, with reverence and respect for the tradition(s) of Tantra, and with the permission of Babaji.

Wear comfortable clothing the allows you to breathe and move, and to sit easily on the ground. Please make sure you have privacy for this class, as these teaching are for women only. Earbuds/headphones are sufficient in terms of privacy, for those of you not able to find space alone for the class. Most of the practices are internal, aside from the Grounding Meditation (Dharitri Yoga) which will be practiced standing. For the grounding meditation the teaching/practice doesn’t require headphone-style privacy.

Teaching is in English.

The Zoom joining link will sent to the email address you provide with your payment, no later than 30 minutes prior to class start time.

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