Asana Lab




ASANA LAB: workshop-style technique classes LIVESTREAM via ZOOM, for those who are interested in picking apart (‘workshopping’) some of the postures that you regularly practice (in my guided ashtanga yoga classes) or in classes elsewhere, or on your own. These will be 60-minute LIVESTREAM via ZOOM classes focused on a few specific postures, and/or various topics that sometimes arise as student questions, and/or arise in my own mind as aspects of asana practice that I would like to spend more time on with you, dear students and asana practitioners.  Be prepared to sweat because holding postures for a long time while assessing mechanics/alignment is a ‘bit’ of a workout.  

First class:  “Surya Namaskara” (Sun Salutations) — plus standing pose ‘break-down’. Thursday, December 3rd, 18:15-19:15 EET/Helsinki-time zone.

Second class: “Seated asanas” — opening the hips and lengthening the spine with care.  Thursday December 10th, 18:15-19:15 EET/Helsinki-time zone.

Please make sure you are able to access the “video” option via whatever device you use for Zoom, as I am only able to give good teaching if I can see you.Register no later than 30 minutes before class start time so the Zoom joining link can be emailed to you in time.

If you are a student or are unemployed use this discount code at the time of purchase for a reduced rate: 99ha4b2w