coaching & yogic therapy

Wellness Coaching

My style of helping is person-centered, and is more akin to counseling than coaching due to my training as a mental health counselor. Depending on the individual, we might use motivational interviewing, a solution-focused approach, dream work, mindfulness and meditation, or other yogic therapies including trauma-informed yoga.

Spiritual direction is available for those who prefer addressing issues from a spiritual standpoint, or for those whom are without a religious path but seek spiritual and/or existential counsel.

Virtual coaching, guidance via correspondence and walk-therapy options are available.

Sometimes a bit of guidance can make a world of difference so that life can once again flow in a positive direction, with an increase in sense of agency – the awareness that one is capable of growth.

Prices:  visit the Yoga Lab web-shop for prices for single sessions and multiple-session packages.  All sessions currently take place ONLINE via Zoom or Skype, OR alternatively, for local Helsinki clients who wish for an in-person (and unique) session in the form of "walk-therapy", outside  at one of the many lovely parks or seaside walking paths situated in Helsinki. 

Yogic Therapy/Therapeutic Yoga Program

Therapeutic yoga and individualized yoga program designed for you based on your particular needs and interests.

Together we will plan an approach to wellness that is trauma-informed and tripartite -- incorporating yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. We will craft a plan suited to your life/schedule and natural rhythms so you have a practice of your own to implement as a regular wellness regimen. What is trauma-informed yoga? Yoga taught in a way that is sensitive to each individual's life experience (present and past) which might include trauma. Yoga from a trauma-informed perspective emphasizes choice, centers the individual and favors collaboration between student (client) and teacher (therapist).

If appropriate, we can also incorporate elements of somatic practices that exist outside the realm of yoga.

Yoga Therapy/Therapeutic Yoga Program is only offered as a 3-class option in order to allow time for development of your individualized program.

Prices:  visit the Yoga Lab web-shop for prices. All sessions currently take place ONLINE via Zoom or Skype. 

Yoga Coaching

This is for you if you need some inspiration and/or guidance regarding how to craft a regular routine of yoga for home practice. How is this different than an ordinary private class? I treat yoga coaching more like an interactive session and less like a standard class in which I simply guide you through a series of postures of my choosing. This is for you if you’d like to become a regular practitioner of yoga, and not just a yoga-class participant. Perhaps you are a fair-weather yoga enthusiast and would like to become a more serious practitioner. Perhaps you attend a weekly or twice-weekly class, and would like to make yoga a 5 or 6-day/week routine, suited to your own particular needs, interests, and life situation. Perhaps you’re looking for a new and healthy addition to your life, and you’re wondering if yoga might be it. Through yoga coaching I will help you draw upon what you already know and practice (asana/posture-wise), and from there add elements of pranayama and/or seated meditation, if you wish; or if you already practice all three (asana, pranayama, and meditation) you will learn how to structure them into a holistic routine that supports your life, rather than drains your energy leaving you without time for your life off the mat. Yoga coaching is also for total beginners, as we can work together to devise a practice tailored just for you.

Be prepared for an interactive session (90 minutes) during which you will be free to ask questions, and share your interests in the realm of yoga and meditation. Depending on your needs and interests, I will guide an asana practice involving some basic Hatha and Ashtanga postures (standing and seated asana-s) and include some basic pranayama, and meditation.

Sessions can take place virtually or in-person, if you live in Helsinki. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me:

Prices: visit the Yoga Lab web-shop for prices.