about yoga lab

Yoga Lab Helsinki is the brainchild of founder, Jessica Sharry, M.A., E-RYT 500. YLH offers teaching and guidance through yoga, coaching, meditation and yogic-therapies to individuals and groups.  YLH is also engaged in development of the yoga practice suitable for the modern generation, with reverence for the roots and traditions of yoga.

Jessica found her way to the path of yoga formally in the year of 2000.  She attended her first yoga teacher training with David Swenson in 2002, and in 2004 completed a teacher training with Anthony “Prem” Carlisi and Rupali Embry. Her own practice, and teaching is inspired by many of her earliest teachers including Sandra Carden, Rupali, Tania Jo Ingrahm, and Cathy Louise Broda as well as more recently M.S. Vishwanath.  In 2008 Jessica took her first of many trips to Mysore, India to study at KPJAYI and in 2014 received the blessing (Level One Authorization) from her teacher R. Sharath Jois, to teach the Primary Series of ashtanga yoga. In addition to Jessica's ashtanga background her teaching is informed by some of her earlier studies and certifications including Pilates mat-work, yin-yoga, and Nuad Boran (Thai yoga massage), as well as by her Reiki Level II training, and more recently by a trauma informed approach to teaching  inspired by the work of trauma-therapy pioneers Bessel Van der Kolk and David Emerson.

It was through the teachings and experience of yoga that Jessica’s interest in spirituality and psychology deepened. Jessica pursued her interests in psychology, consciousness studies, yoga philosophy, ayurveda and holistic health on her own and then formally at the graduate level at Western Michigan University, where she received a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  Jessica interned at Community Mental Health in Traverse City, Michigan where, in addition to using empirically validated treatments (standard western therapies), she was also able to incorporate mindfulness and yoga-as-therapy, in small groups and individually.

Jessica Sharry

Photo: Susanna Selin

In 2013 Jessica received training in regression therapy and meditation at Mumuksha Centre for Transformation, in Mysore, India with B. Naga Kumar.  While at Mumuksha Jessica was introduced to Vajrayana Master Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (Babaji), of Kalimpong, West Bengal and commenced Tantric studies and meditation practice (ongoing) with Babaji.

Jessica lives in Helsinki, Finland, with her husband Tero, but also travels to her home town of Empire, Michigan, USA, and to India for continued studies and meditation.  Jessica enjoys spending time outdoors, writing, and playing bass with Babes in the Abyss, a band whose music is described as primitive, dark, melodic, experimental or aptly put, "twisted folk music".