Yoga and Meditation Summer Retreat, at Nature

Yoga and Meditation Retreat, with Jessica Sharry, MA, E-RYT 500

July 7 – 11, 2022 at Nature, in Maple City, Michigan (Leelanau County)

Welcome to this Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Jessica Sharry, at Nature, in beautiful Leelanau County. On this retreat you can deepen (or begin) your practice of yoga. This retreat is designed to provide you with instruction and practical experience of yoga and meditation in retreat format thus enabling you to dive deep without the distractions of everyday life and commitments. In the mornings we will practice yoga asana (postures) in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition of Mysore, India. Afternoons will feature pranayama (breath work), and evenings you will be introduced to Kriya Yoga practices and meditation. Lectures on various topics of yoga will be interwoven throughout the afternoon and evening classes, along with the opportunity for questions and discussion. There will be time for eating breakfast (if you’re staying on-site), lunch and dinner. There will be a gap in the afternoon with free-time during which you can visit any of the gorgeous nearby beaches for a dip in Lake Michigan or a stroll along the shore, or you can simply use the time for resting, reflection or reading in your glamping tent or cabin. Sunset in July happens after 9PM and catching the sunset at the beach, or over a campfire before nightfall makes for the perfect way to end the day. I’d love to have you join us. Yes you! Details are below, and if you have any questions or concerns as to whether or not this retreat is right for you, questions about the yoga, pranayama or meditation send me an email: or call/text me at 231-493-7710 Everyone is welcome!

Yoga & Meditation Class schedule:

Thursday: 4pm arrival

6:30-8pm Introduction and lecture on the paths of yoga, followed by Guided Meditation.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 

9-11AM Led Ashtanga Yoga (see below note)

11-12:45PM Beginners Yoga (see below note)

3-5PM Pranayama/Breathwork

6:30-8PM Kriya Yoga and Meditation


9-11AM “Mysore-style” yoga (all retreat-goers together) 

Note: beginners and long-time practitioners alike are most welcome. Those of you who are new to yoga, or who prefer to have a gentler approach to asana (posture) please attend the “Beginners Yoga” class on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Those who already have experience in this style of asana practice, please attend  “Led Ashtanga”. On Monday everyone will practice morning asana together, “Mysore-style” (self-paced yoga practice within a group setting). The afternoon pranayama/lecture classes and evening meditation/kriya yoga classes are for everyone together. 

Fees for yoga/meditation program:

$145/Full Retreat (Early Bird price of $130 if paid before June 30th)

$50/single day(s) (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)


$20/per class

Reserve your spot (and receive payment instructions) with an email to 

Meals and accommodation are paid separately. For local participants who don’t require accommodation, plan to eat at least lunch on-site, and dinner too if you’re so inclined. Nature has a cool food truck with options for vegans and vegetarians, and omnivores.

Breakfast: 7-8AM 

Lunch: 12-1:30PM

Dinner: 5-6:30 

Reserve your accommodation ASAP via

Meals will be paid on-site. 

About your teacher: Jessica Sharry is a longtime practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga, Hatha, and Kriya Yoga and Meditation. She has spent long periods of intense study in India with the masters of what she teaches — Sharath (Sharathji) Jois and Vishwanath M.S. (aka Masterji) for asana and pranayama, and Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (Babaji) for Kriya Yoga and Meditation (in the Tantric tradition). Jessica lives in Finland with her husband where she has held multiple retreats, teaches yoga regularly at the University of Helsinki, and serves up her yogic knowledge and know-how through her brainchild, Yoga Lab Helsinki. Jessica returns to Empire this summer and is eager to share the teachings of yoga at Nature. Jessica is thrice vaccinated against COVID and will observe, and encourage safe distancing during class times.

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  1. I’m interested! Are accommodations available on site and what are the costs for these?
    This would be for two people.

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      Hi Sara, Accommodations are most definitely available and include super cool “glamping” tents and cabins. The prices vary depending on which you prefer. Here is the link to the venue where you can book accommodation You need to book directly from the retreat venue Nature. Welcome! All my best, Jessica

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