Workshop: Designing a Home Yoga Practice

Designing a Home Yoga Practice, workshop for yoga practitioners, with Jessica Sharry LIVESTREAM via ZOOM, Saturday February 6th, 13-15 EET/Helsinki time zone

This special workshop is for yoga students/practitioners who need some inspiration and/or guidance regarding how to craft a regular routine of yoga for home practice. Perhaps you are a fair-weather yoga enthusiast and would like to become a more serious practitioner. Perhaps you attend a weekly or twice-weekly class, in-person or virtually, and would like to make yoga practice a 5 or 6-day/week routine, suited to your own particular needs, interests, and life situation. Perhaps you’re going crazy amid the pandemic, or simply searching for some direction in life. In this workshop I will share my own experience of how I developed a practice routine for myself that started out simple, moved into a committed and physically rigid practice (Pattabhi Jois style Ashtanga), and then veered toward a more holistic approach that incorporates asana, pranayama, and meditation  — a routine that is stable yet adaptable to the changing nature and circumstances of life. I will help you draw upon what you already know and practice, and from there add elements of both pranayama, and meditation; or if you already practice all three (asana, pranayama, and meditation) you will learn how to structure them into a holistic routine that supports your life, rather than drains your energy leaving you without time for your life off the mat. 

Be prepared for an interactive workshop in which students will be encouraged to ask questions and share their struggles. I will guide an asana practice involving some basic Hatha and Ashtanga postures (standing and seated asana-s), as well as a basic pranayama, and meditation routine. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to breathe and move. Layers are recommended. Have water handy, and tissue paper to clear your sinuses before the breath work (pranayama). If you have difficulty sitting for an extended period of time (such as for pranayama, meditation, and discussion) have a cushion handy or a straight-back chair on which to sit.  

Register/pay via the Yoga Lab web shop, (no later than 30 minutes prior to class start time) and receive your Zoom joining link via email. If you are unemployed or a student, you are welcome to use this discount coupon code: 99ha4b2w at the time of purchase.

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