Yuletide-New Year schedule for Tuesday evening Ashtanga YOGA

 Join us for the holidays and the first two weeks of 2021 for Ashtanga Yoga “half-primary series plus-some” classes, Tuesdays 18:45-20:15 EET (Helsinki time zone)! 4x, 3x and single class options are available. The Winter/Spring session will also be scheduled starting in late January, but why not continue your yoga practice with the Guided Ashtanga Class every Tuesday throughout the holiday season?! Classes are beginner-friendly (as long as you’re comfortable with verbal guidance in English) with a healthy level of challenge 💪. This is the sequence with which many of you are familiar if you’ve been to my classes before in Helsinki, Espoo and elsewhere (Michigan and Hawaii 🌊🍍). Classes end with guided meditation (or you can take it lying down as a relaxation). Register/pay via the Yoga Lab web shop, (no later than 30 minutes prior to class start time) and receive your Zoom joining link via email. 

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