Breath LAB and Asana LAB

UPDATE: BREATH LAB and ASANA LAB classes are now up and running, to see upcoming dates for classes and to sign-up, visit the Web Shop.

BREATH LAB: pranayama techniques.  Pranayama is a simple and effective way to increase your energy ✨and balance your mood ☯️ through breathing! Pranayama is integral to yoga practice, especially the systems of hatha and ashtanga. In these 60-minute LIVESTREAM via Zoom classes you will learn basic pranayama techniques. I will also give advice on how to incorporate a pranayama practice into your daily routine.

ASANA LAB: asana technique classes for those who are interested in picking apart (‘workshopping’) some of the postures that you regularly practice (in my Guided Ashtanga Yoga Classes). These 60-minute LIVESTREAM via ZOOM classes are focused on a few specific postures, and/or various topics that sometimes arise as student questions, and arise in my own mind as aspects of asana practice that I would like to spend more time on with you.

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