Breath LAB and Asana LAB

BREATH LAB: pranayama techniques.  In this 60-minute LIVESTREAM via Zoom class you will learn four basic yet powerful purification techniques (kriyas), basic alternate nostril breathing, and a calming sequence. I will give advice on how to incorporate a pranayama practice into your daily routine.  Beginners are welcome. Sunday November 21, 17-18 EET/Helsinki Time Zone. 

Additional BREATH LAB classes will be scheduled based on student interest. So stay tuned as more dates get added during the winter months.

AND stay tuned for up-coming ASANA LAB classes for those who are interested in picking apart (‘workshopping’) some of the postures that you regularly practice (in my Guided Ashtanga Yoga Classes). These will be 60-minute LIVESTREAM via ZOOM classes focused on a few specific postures, and/or various topics that sometimes arise as student questions, and arise in my own mind as aspects of asana practice that I would like to spend more time on with you.

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