New 7-week session of Guided Ashtanga, plus meditation

 Join us for the next 7-week series of Ashtanga Yoga “half-primary series plus-some” classes, Tuesdays 18:45-20:15 EET (Helsinki time zone) starting November 3rd (Voting Day in the USA, woo-hoo, get out and vote dear American friends 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸)! Classes are beginner-friendly (as long as you’re comfortable with verbal guidance in English) with a healthy level of challenge 💪. This is the sequence with which many of you are familiar if you’ve been to my classes before in Helsinki, Espoo and elsewhere (Michigan and Hawaii 🌊🍍). Classes end with guided meditation (or you can take it lying down as a relaxation). Register/pay via the Yoga Lab web shop, (no later than 30 minutes prior to class start time) and receive your Zoom joining link via email.