Intro to Tantra

“Introduction to Tantra-Yoga”


Special introductory-level workshop on yoga practice from the tantric tradition.  In this workshop you will learn about the human energy system of nadis and chakras (also part of Hatha Yoga) through lecture and practical experience.   We will discuss tantra yoga’s applications and appropriateness for modern yoga practitioners.  Practice will include three meditations: Meditation on the Five Elements, AUM, and Grounding Meditation (aka Dharitri Yoga).  Note: tantra is NOT a “get better sex” path, and any person or organization who portrays it as such is doing a disservice to this valuable and venerable tradition.  

Wear comfortable clothing the allows you to breathe and move, and to sit easily on the ground. Most of the practices are internal, aside from the Grounding Meditation (Dharitri Yoga) which will be practiced standing.

LIVESTREAM Workshop fee/22€ (regular price for in-person workshops/39€)


or just sign up via payment for the workshop at the Web Shop.  Register no later than 30 minutes before the class start time so you can receive your Zoom joining link.

Teaching is in English

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